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A total Wall - Delivery

Aerodyne - Breaking Free

Aevum - Impressions

Albert Marshall - Speakeasy

Athrox - Are you alive?

Azylya - Sweet cerebral destruction

Black Sabbath - Arena di Verona

Black Space Riders - Amoretum vol 1

Black Wings of Destiny - The Storyteller, Part Two

Blind Cat - Shockwave

Bruce Dickinson - What does this button do?

Chantry - It's an old story

Chantry - The Emancipation of Elizabeth

Circus Nebula - Circus Nebula

Colonnelli - Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi

Cynic - Focus

Cynic - Traced in Air

Dark Lunacy - Live in Mexico City

Daylight Silence - Threshold of time

Death SS - Resurrection

Devil Within - Not yet

Eskimada - Eskimada

Extrema - The seed of foolishness

Fatal Destiny - Palindromia

Final Solution - Through the looking glass

Forklift Elevator - Killer Self

Gianni Rojatti e Giacomo Catellano - Racer cafè

Hangel Stone - Where is yout god now?

Haterial - Twisted verses

Haven denied - Illusions between truth and lie

Inhale your hate - Terrorized By Reality

Iron Maiden - Ippodromo San Siro Milano

Iron Maiden - Milano

Korn - Korn III - Remember who you are

Longobardeath - Bonarda bastarda-Acciaio Biancoblu

Madre de Dios - Madre de Dios

Mechanical God Creation - Artifact of Annihilation

Megadeth - Super Collider

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Metallica - St. Anger

Mindcrime - Checkmate the king

Minkions - Distorted pictures from distorted reality

Nightglow - We rise

Norhod - Norhod "The balzing Lily", recensione

Phaith - Redrumorder

Pino Scotto - Eye fon an eye

Sabotage - Act of Sabotage. La biografia ufficiale

SG Records: Suffer in Silence + Voices from Beyond - Vari

Silver P - Silver P

Sixty miles ahead - Millions of burning flames

Skanners - Factory of steel

Soilwork - The living infinite.

Stage of reality - The breathing machines

StormWolf - Howling Wrath

The Sade - Grave

The way of purity - Equate

Trevor and the wolves - Road to nowhere

Twilght Gate - Twilight Gate

Ul mik Longobardeath - Calibro Rovente

Underwell - Plan your rebirth

value - Iron Maiden

Yellowtooth - Crushed by the wheels of progress