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Ade - Prooemium sanguine

Barbarian Prophecies - XIII

Beyond Mortality - Infested Life

Claymords - Scum of the earth

Craniotomy - Supply of flesh came just in time

Desolate Shrine - The Heart of the Netherworld

Hellvate - Dehumanized

Hellvate - The battle beginning

I will Kill You - Estrema Putrefactio

Metal Estremo: Slowly Suffering + Morphema -

Metal Estremo: Slowly Suffering + Morphema -

No down - Dark aura

Precognitive Holocausto Annotations - Annunciation of extermination

Raging Age - Regions of sorrow

Right to the void - Light of the fallen gods

Stench - Venture

Stillness Blade - Break of the second seal-The eternal damnation